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THUDsday!!!! Oh Canada Edition

This is my Top 10 pick for the hottest Canada Guys ^_~ There are pretty much in order of how I like them, but besides number 1, they are pretty much interchangeable. This took me WAY to long to do, check it out.

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LJ Comment rumble

I've seen it around mainly catyuy and erinm_4600, and debated it last time but you know what... screw it ^___^


Find new friends.
Discuss things.
in threads.

I'm inviting all my friends and their firends to come and spam me. Talk about anything. Tin Man, Supernatural, NCIS, Torchwood, Boomtown, Callum, Neal, SG-1, Slash, Hetro, Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Your plans next weekend, just to name a few.


I don't care what you comment, JUST COMMENT!!!!!!
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Stole from diesa_j

I've opened up anonymous commenting, IP logging is off, comments are not screened.

Say anything. Tell me a secret. Tell me some gossip. Tell me I suck and how much you hate me, or tell me how much you love me. Anything goes except death threats, illegal activity, etc. Just have fun with it.
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Tin Man - DG - B and W

ALL MY Tin Man Music Vids

Not like anyone cares but here ^___^

* DG's Top 7 Fav

In order from Newest to Oldest uploaded.

1. DG's a Barbie Girl – Cain/DG, Cain/Glitch, Cain/Zero – Crack
2. Harder to Breathe - Jeb/Wyatt
3. We Killed the Lights - Azkadellia
4. I Hate Everything About You - Zero/Cain*
5. Animal We Have Become - Cain, Zero, Jeb centered*
6. DG Found Them - DG centered*

7. In the End it Always Matters – Cain centered
8. Cain is a Desperado
9. It's Raining Men - Fangirl Love
10. Once Upon a December – DG centered*
11. Cain Is Just Wonderful to Me - DG/Cain
12. Save this Fairyland – General*
13. Is Az a Friend or Foe? – DG, AZ centered
14. Lookin' Cute / Feelin' Cute - Cain/Glitch - Crack
15. Me Against Zero – Cain centered
16. Breakaway DG – DG centered

And the Two Kicked from Youtube ^__^

17. I'm Not That Girl - DG/Glitch, Ambrose/LE
18. Azkadellia is Poison - Az/Zero*

18 vids in 9 months, that's an average of 2 vids per month, even though I know I haven't touched TM since December. And also not counting my 3 on Youtube that are abandoned:

1. She Loves Me – Cain/Glitch, Glitch/DG
2. Abandoned Tin Man MV #2 – Papercut – Az centered
3. Abandoned Tin Man MV #1 - You'll Be In My Heart – DG, Az, LE centered

Yeah I have no life ^_______^ So what is your top fav?
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Will post Pics tomorrow.

I'm home, safe and sound. This week was just Amazing. Had so much fun meeting Kat, Jen and Nita. I'm still realing for the experience. I have TONS of pics. Tomorrow I give you the WHOLE story, pic by pic, but I'm just too tired to start tonight. But I will share my 3 favorite parts of the concert.

Jon looking down at me, reading my shirt and laughing

Joey singing "Stay the Same" My fav song by him and the only song that can make me cry, so Yeah I started to ball, he looked at me and smiled. Then RIGHT after was my Favorite NKOTB song, "Cover Girl" So the tears just kept coming.

Watching Joey Dance to Twisted (he was CRAWLING on the floor sexily) then Jen tried to get my attention and I refusing to look away from Sexy Joey, and she hit me again and I just turned to her and said something like "I don't care what going on, Joey on the floor, Let me watch." (btw she was trying to get my attention to see shirtless Jordan, WOW he was FINE!!!!! I maybe a Jordan girl as well now)

More stories to Come.
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Last Trip Post

242K 1:16
“Hey Guys, this is DG again. Uhhh probably my last post in NC since my plane leaves in about, I don't know how many hours, but not to many hours away. But me and Jenny want out and got totally Blitzed last night, I'm not kidding, Stumbling home in a Taxi. *laugh* I'm pretty sure we made the people in Jillian's really happy and I'm sure they laughed at us a lot too since we decided to play air hockey while blitzed, yeah, that was fun. *laugh* but Yeah I had a blast, this trip has been amazing. I want to go home because I miss my Family. I don't want to go home because I had so much fun and this has been one of the best experiences I've had in a long time. And I must do this again. That I'll a ne, that all I know right now. I miss, I'm still realing, this has been an amazing few days for me. and I guess I can't say anymore about that so I guess I will see you guys later, Bye.”

Transcribed by: godess_jessie
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Post Concert Post

202K 1:03
“Hey Live Journal people. We are.. concert is over, weeeee had a blast. Oh my gosh, this was crazy. Uhhh and I will admit I balled during the middle of the concert because Joey sang "Staying the same" Blah "Stay the Same" which is the only song in the world that will make me cry and then right after that was my favorite song "Cover Girl" was played and I was just like Oh my gosh, but yeah, I was balling in the middle of the concert. But yeah, we where like, literally, we could almost touch them they where so close. I was amazing. Jon read my shirt and just laughed. It was funny. Oh my gosh it was just amazing. But Uhhh yeah, we are just sitting out in the back, waiting for the bus to come by, just being silly little fan girls. So just wanted to update again and say this is probably the best night in our lives mmmk, Bye”

Transcribed by: godess_jessie